Write a Post to Get More Likes for Instagram Personal Profile

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Nowaday’s Instagram is becoming popular with youngsters. Instagram is one social media channel recently hired by Facebook. More than 110+ country people are using Instagram hence it’s become popular worldwide, so everyone started to be on this social media. Lots of celebrities also have a profile on Instagram. As other social media has a post option, Instagram is also providing this. So today in this blog we are providing information for the Instagram post to get more likes for personal profiles.

Steps for Posting
  • Open your profile
  • Click on + button on the bottom for your screen
  • Select the image or video you want to post
  • Click on next
  • If you want to edit or give more effect to image or video and click next
  • Write a caption for the post
  • And click on the post

These are the easy steps for a post on profile. But if you want to get more likes and more explore this post on Instagram then you have to read follow tricks.

Use of Instagram Features
  • When you select the image or video select the ratio of the screen, there are two ratios available in options so that you can show your image or video in inappropriate ways. It helps viewers to engage with your post and they will like your post because they can see it regularly.
  • Sometimes you want to upload video as a post but on Instagram, you can add only 30 seconds video and if you want to upload more than 30-sec video then you have to select post with IGTV. And select the appropriate cover image for your video because it shows viewers what is exactly there in the video.
  • When comes to write post caption you have to be careful because sometimes you mismatch your photo with your caption. So it must be related to your photo.
  • Instagram have image in 1080px by 608px (Landscape) and 1080px by 1080px (Square) so if yor image is in this format then you don’t need to adjust your image or crop it.
  • Uses of hashtags (#) are also important because they explore your post to more people and there is a certain chance to become that most popular.
  • But there is a limit of hashtags you can use in pot caption that is 30.
  • Ask people that keep them commenting or engaging with the post. Like who is your best hero or tag your best friends.
  • Also, you can tag a people or your friend hence they can easily find your post and get post notifications so they can interact with it.
  • Instagram algorithms there are more values for likes and comments. If your post has likes and comment then Instagram will show this post again and again to more profiles so that your post has become viral it can become more popular.
  • You can also add in story highlights so it can see whenever a new visitor visits on your profile.
  • Most and best if you have a large number of people that can see your story regularly you can share your post to your story so it will get more engagement.

Above are some tips that you can implement on your profile post that can help your post to explore to more people and hence More People Means More Popularity On Instagram.

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