Why People Not Having Faith On Digital Marketing??

In the last 5-6 month as covid19 is going viral overall world, government from each country announce the lockdown for the safety reasons of people. But somehow it wills indirectly effecting on digital marketing. Now day’s people not getting jobs some college students also have a little bit of knowledge of using the internet and social media they think that they know everything about internet marketing. 

The main problem is started from here….

What Is Digital Marketing?

In simple words, digital marketing is a platform that you can buy or purchase the product or services by using websites, search engines, social media, and mobile apps. Here is you can satirize your product marketing and reach to the maximum number of internet users. 

How Are People Losing Faith In Digital Marketing?

Some internet users have good internet knowledge and also have personal profiles on social media hence there is some misunderstanding that they know each and everything about digital marketing. And in this lockdown, they have started small freelancing services for digital marketing.

But it’s a really bad way to start serving digital marketing services with incomplete knowledge. They have to know that only simple internet knowledge and a good profile of social media are not enough to start this kind of service. 

Digital Marketing Includes

  • SMO– Social Media Optimization 

  • SEO– Search Engine Optimization

  • SMM– Social Media Marketing 

  • Local SEO– Local Search Engine Optimization 

Also, you have to know content writing, graphics design, keyword analysis, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, location-based marketing, pixel campaigning. 

Now a day’s people not having jobs or not getting enough money because of the corona virus. Some people started doing digital marketing for a temporary income source. So businessman and small scale industrialist has to aware of such people.

The Drawback Of This Temporary And Unprofessional Digital Marketing 

  1. Less effective 
  2. Money Loss
  3. Not provide reports 
  4. Inexperience working method 
  5. Low market reach 
  6. Bad results 
  7. Sometimes do Black Hat SEO 
  8. Can’t understand the targeted audience 

Hence these drawbacks can’t give result-oriented marketing that’s why people not sure about digital marketing and losing faith from digital marketing. 

How To Select Digital Marketing Services? 

  • See experience.
  • Expertise with internet
  • Marketing strategies
  • Past working projects 
  • Multi-search engine using experience 
  • On-page & off-page expertise 
  • Use of different tools 
  • Team working methods 
  • Report and analysis 
  • Proper documentation and evidence-based communications 
  • Registration of firm 


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