Why HTTPS Should Be Enabled on Website?

SSL Certificate

“What is https?” What is mean by extra “S”? 

“S” means “SSL” which stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”. 

The technology that encrypts your connection to a website so that hackers can’t catch any of your private data. 

Importance of HTTPS are listed below: 

1. It’s useful for search: Every second’s Google’s algorithm needs sites to essentially battle it for top search rankings. Two websites that could both standing for a user’s query, basically running toward the end line of top results. But what happens if there is a tie? There is a tiebreaker interfered, and it’s “HTTPS”. Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes describes it, “If all quality signals are equal for two results, then the one that is on “HTTPS” would get or may get the extra lift that is needed to trump the other result.” Google’s algorithms are continuously updated for giving a more satisfying result to the user 

2. It’s better for users: There was a hacking incident in which thousands of records were stolen. But SSL helps to prevent these and keeps user data protected. That makes https particularly important if your website allows credit cards or has a login functionality. With so many of these hacking conflicts making headlines, users want to know that your brand is making an effort to protect them from their private information being stolen or compromised. We could also get into a discussion about the ethics of protecting your user’s information from that kind of privacy breach, but you get the point: user privacy = important

 https = good for privacy 

3.SSL is required for AMP.

 “AMP” stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It’s the technology that makes certain pages load immediately on mobile. So, when you search for something on your mobile device through Google, you might notice that some results have a bolt icon next to it, that means that it’s AMP-ready. AMP is going to play an important role in SEO in the coming years. AMP-ready pages will have better rankings. But for something to be labelled as AMP, it requires SSL. 

4.Google is indexing mobile. Google is going to start indexing mobile, which means that its “algorithms will primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site.”

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